Are Energy Efficient Windows Worth It?

When it comes to energy saving windows, there are some important factors to be considered before purchasing one, such as the energy efficient window costs.

High efficiency windows will presumably reduce your bills, but are energy efficient windows worth it? Continue reading to find it out.

Are Energy Efficient Windows Worth It
Are Energy Efficient Windows Worth It

High Efficiency Windows

Most energy efficient windows work thanks to the following elements:

  • Number of Panes

Energy saving windows will have even up to three panes to protect your home, while most old window designs will only have a single glass pane that lets the heat out during winter and doesn’t keep your home cool during summer, which is particularly necessary if the ozone layer is still declining.

  • Insulated Glass

High efficiency windows include an inert gas in between the glass panes that reduces the amount of air that is transferred into and out of your home due to its high density. Moreover, this type of glass can reduce heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer thanks to a thin layer of metallic oxides that control infrared light and reflects the ultraviolet rays, which are caused by the ozone depletion and may impact your health.

  • Frames

Due to their poor heat conduction quality, most efficient windows feature a fiberglass or vinyl frame, which will provide your home with better insulation. On the other hand, the aluminum frames in old windows allow air to easily pass through.

  • Installation

Are energy efficient windows worth it? Yes, however, it doesn’t matter that you get the best energy efficient windows if they’re not installed properly. Therefore, make sure to hire a highly-experienced installation team to be able to see energy savings.

Energy Efficient Window Costs
Energy Efficient Window Costs

Saving Money with High Efficiency Windows

It is estimated by the U.S. Department of Energy that replacing double-pane windows with energy saving windows in your house will help you save from $27 to $111 every year. On the other hand, replacing single-pane windows can help you save you from $126 up to $465 every year. Nevertheless, the location of your home also plays an important role. In colder states, you save around $150 while in warmer states you can save up to $250. As the average replacement cost is around $150 per window, it’s possible you might see savings after two years, as it also depends on how many windows you have at your home.

Energy Saving Windows: Benefits

According to research, are energy efficient windows worth it? Well, homeowners report that up to 75% of exterior noise and sun damage to your carpets and furniture are both reduced with high efficiency windows. Furthermore, these windows add value to homes and contribute to monthly savings.

Therefore, besides knowing when your thermostat is bad and needs to be replaced, the most efficient windows will help you to control your home’s temperature.

Best Energy Efficient Windows

What type of window is the most energy efficient? Thanks to the Energy Star rating, you’ll be able to compare window performance. All windows will either meet or exceed energy code requirements, which will help you to make a decision.

Furthermore, based on your geography and climate, you can look up the best windows for you after checking some more technical elements such as the fraction of solar radiation that passes through the window (solar heat gain coefficient) and the rate of the window’s non-solar heat loss or gain (U-factor). Make sure to ask a window company in your city to know which energy efficient windows are available.

Energy Saving Windows
Energy Saving Windows